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Welcome to Podium Nutrition and Performance​!
"I am so passionate, and it gives me so much joy and excitement in helping others achieve bodies they want, health they desire, and confidence they didn’t think possible!"  
I created Podium Nutrition and Performance to help others reach their nutritional, fitness, bodybuilding and powerlifting goals. I have always had a heart to help others. So, it made sense to combine my heart and love for weightlifting and nutrition and start helping others reach their potential! Now my personal mission is to share my love of fitness and wellness with everyone at all fitness levels and all aspects of their own journey.  


Take one day at a time, one meal and one workout. And remember small changes lead to big benefits.

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Training Tips
Personal Training/Powerlifting
or Strength Training
One on One Nutrition Coaching & Meal Prep
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About Me

Losing weight at any age is hard. I know from personal experience. So, after I lost over 35 pounds 2 years ago and have kept it off successfully, I changed careers from being a Medical Assistant to helping others with their health and fitness. I knew if I could do it, anyone could with the right support, motivation & encouragement. Some people work with Trainers or Nutrition Coaches for motivation and accountability, some people hire them as an investment to their health and education. Whatever your reason to hiring a Trainer or Nutrition Coach, I structure pricing to fit your needs and wants.

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Seattle, WA 98092

Tel: 425-213-0655

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