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About Me

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  • Certified Sports/Fitness Nutrition Specialist & Plant Based Diet

  • Certified GPT & CPT

  • Specializations in Bodybuilding, Kettlebell Training, Mental Toughness, Neuroscience of Aerobic Exercise, Exercise as an Anxiety Intervention, Exercise for Parkinson's Training, Cardiorespiratory Training for Fitness, Making Sense of Supplements & Nutrition Hot Topics and Controversies

  • USAPL Powerlifting Club Coach

  • Functional Training Specialist

  • Certified Medical Assistant

  • CPR

Mandy Berreth is the founder of Podium Nutrition and Performance and is a Certified Nutrition Specialist & Strength Coach hoping to help clients achieve their best life through their relationship with food and fitness one day, one meal and one workout at a time!

"A podium is a platform used to

raise something to a short distance above its



At Podium it's your stage, not mine.


I help you reach your fitness and strength goals by equipping you with effective and efficient workouts and programming, educating you about health and fitness, and empowering you to take your goals into your own hands. Together you and I will build a solid core, use proper technique, and improve your strength and stamina over time.


My passion for Nutrition started with my own weight loss. So, I changed careers after losing weight. I knew if I could do it, anyone could with the right support & encouragement.  I teach you and help you ditch the all or nothing mindset. Learn how to eat right for your body type and lifestyle. Learn how to eat in a balanced nonrestrictive way. Navigate social outings and events without guilt. Properly fuel your workouts.

All while eating foods you enjoy!


After getting my Nutrition Certification and USAPL Powerlifting Club Coach certification, I discovered the benefits of strength and conditioning for sport and body composition. Then when Covid hit I got several other certifications to help educate me to guide my clients to their goals. Part of that is building a solid foundation before partaking in more extreme workouts.  My goal is to get you to your goal safely, so that you develop an understanding of your own body. Once this is achieved, your possibilities are infinite!

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