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Meal Prep Options and Ideas

I have heard so many times jokingly from clients and friends that they just wish I would follow them around and slap the unhealthy foods out of their hands. Or for me to just tell them what to eat. Or don’t you have an exact meal plan for me? But what I really hear them saying is, I want a quick fix because the alternative is hard work and takes too long. And I have to come up with my own meals and track things myself. Not as appealing, I get it!  We are a society that have found ways to make our lives more efficient and we always find ways to save time. This is our mentality for everything. Including losing weight. Instant gratification. We want it now and we don’t want to work for it.

My job as a nutrition coach is to teach, EDUCATE and motivate you to live a healthier life and help establish better health habits for long term success. To find a balance of eating the foods you love and foods that provide more nutritious values. I teach you to find foods you like to eat and make your own meals.


I help give you the tools for long term sustainability. A value far greater than following you around and knocking unhealthy foods out of your hands. If I did that, what would you learn from it?  How would me giving you an exact meal plan help you understand or improve yourself or teach you anything? And how long would you stick to that exact meal plan? For the rest of your life? No.

Once you understand that losing weight takes commitment, willpower mental toughness and consistency, it takes planning and patience! It’s a lifestyle you are going to be able to maintain long term because you see benefits in all aspects of your life, not just health.  Once you understand that, that is when you’ll set yourself free from trying to find quick fixes or excuses.

Would you like a couple of recipes to get you started  meal prepping?

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