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A Strong Mindset Needs a Solid Foundation

When developing a strong mindset, everyone is going to be different. You are the only one that can control and build your own strong mindset. Your obstacles are yours to get past and overcome. I can motivate you and encourage you, educate you, show you the way to a healthier lifestyle and give you all the tools needed to help you lose weight. But if you're not committed from within and working on your mindset too, you won't get far. In fact, you'll just go in circles.

A strong mindset needs a solid foundation. You can't slap one together overnight, or wish for one, or develop one if you are constantly running and not facing your fears, failures or negative thoughts. As a nutrition coach and personal trainer I see this a lot. Instead of focusing and facing an obstacle or fear straight on people run, panic, wait (which makes the situation worse) or ignore them which makes them deeper and harder to resolve. These issue's WILL NOT go away on their own. Your obstacles or setbacks need to be looked at as challenges to be met rather than threats to be avoided. The deeper you dig to face these fears or obstacles, the stronger your foundation will be. How will you know when you're headed in the right direction to building a strong mindset? You'll know because you will refuse to quit, refuse to give up again, refuse to run, acknowledge your failures and setbacks and face them straight on. Each a large, heavy and powerful pouring of concrete to building your solid foundation/mindset! A foundation and mindset that nothing can rock or break!

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