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It’s the weekend! Time to relax or run errands, or maybe you have a few parties to attend. For most of us, it`s pretty easy to stick to our routines thruout the week. But for some, the weekends seem much harder to stay on track. As we relax it sometimes throws our schedule right out the window. It can also be pretty hectic and very tempting to break all of your good habits.

Yes, it is important to enjoy your weekend and relax, but don’t completely binge, under eat or eat your way through the weekend, it makes your Monday – Friday irrelevant.

You can ruin a whole week of healthy eating with over-indulging on the weekend. Many diets fail because they allow too many bad food choices on the weekend. People make justifications as to why they are making those choices on the weekend. I often hear:

I am too busy running around, so I just had to grab something quick. I was at a party and they didn’t have any healthy food. I am off my usual schedule.

I eat so healthy all throughout the week, eating out won’t hurt my progress.

If you are only eating good 3 -5 days out of the week, you are either maintaining or not losing any weight at all. Yes, you can have any food you want to eat in moderation, but it can’t be the whole weekend. If you are doing it continuously weekend after weekend, you’re only derailing those healthy habits you’re trying to make long-term. Another issue is drinking too much alcohol and then making unhealthy eating choices. You not only have the extra empty calories of alcohol but the extra calories for the unhealthy food choices.

So, what can you do to make your weekend a success?

You need to make a conscious effort to pre plan or pre-log for the unknown events that will come up during your weekend. Eat before leaving the house so you aren’t starving running errands. Keep healthy snacks on hand. If you are going to a party, remember to eat before you go so that you are not tempted to make unhealthy choices. It all boils down to this. You feel like there is no routine, but the reality is, YOU create it, just like the one you follow during the week. As much as we love the weekend, we usually let it become your "weak end".

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