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Every time you say, to hell with it. There is 100% chance you'll care later!

I don't know about you but when I say I don't care, trust me, I care. It just seems easier sometimes to say it, but not mean it. How often do you catch yourself saying it? But not meaning it?

Those 3 words actually have a big impact. A phrase that easily rolls off our tongues, this accidental carelessness or lack of feeling when you say you don't care. You do. You're actually saying it because you don't want it to affect you. It's easier than dealing with feelings or fears. So you think the more you say it, the more distance you're pushing yourself from it. Right? I know because I've been there. Years of not caring about my weight. About my health.

Losing weight is hard, you've either been there before and failed or are struggling to start because you have a horrible relationship with food or can't get past your comfort zone. So why care, right? Why care about changing your bad habits? Why care about what you eat? Why care about your health? Why care, right? I know from experience you're only saying it because you're scared. You're stuck in routine that you're comfortable with. But guess what? Fear is a liar! It holds all of us back from what we truly want. Care! Care a lot! Don't be afraid of feeling. Or failing. Don't give up or give in because it's hard. Care about yourself! Move past those bad habits that don't have your health or well-being at heart. And when you start caring you'll accomplish so much more.

I care! And if you need that support to see how you can turn the impossible into possible. I'm an email, a DM, a comment, or a phone call away. The possibilities are endless when you start to care!

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