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Flex Friday means something

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Flex Friday, something not a lot of people care about or participate in. But being a woman and having muscles it’s common to get negative comments or opinions. Most biases about a woman's body who lifts I’ve heard are you’re “too” muscly, or you’re “too” big, you’re “too” bulky, your shoulders are “too” big, or your breasts are “too” small. Those are just a few. There are MANY more!

Sometimes these stereotypes live not only by word of mouth, voiced by someone to you but in our heads, voiced by us and to us. They echo over and over. Making us feel insignificant or that our bodies don’t matter. That wanting muscles or being strong is wrong. Wanting to look a certain way that isn’t the norm is wrong. Plus, we see unrealistic images of women in advertising and the media (who are often underweight and photoshopped) and have realized as a society that this is detrimental to women and their body image. Being skinny isn’t the only form of being beautiful for a woman!

But what I’ve learned and grown past is, and my main message to anyone is, you’re never “too” anything! Be who you want to be. Look how you want to look. It’s your body and you do want you want. Let's be beautiful AND healthy and be able to live life the way it was meant to be lived...freely and abundantly. Without any biases or negative opinions! Keep challenging popular stereotypes, but the most important is to conquer stereotypes in our head.

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