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It's not the change you want. But it's the change you need! ~ TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY

Transformation Tuesday. Everyone's transformation is different, this is mine.

It's not the change you want. But it's the change you need!

Change is hard. It's harder when you feel and have turned to food to comfort you. So when you take away that comfort or moment of peace and happiness you get from eating and try to exchange it for something else, you revert back to old ways and patterns and continue down a path not good for you. Sound familiar? Yeah, I know too... All too well!

But then, I changed. I needed too! It wasn't the change I wanted. But it was the change I NEEDED! I wanted to be healthy. To be fit. To be more confident and happy in my body. And most importantly to maintain it. Not just yo-yo diet from one year to the next. Or lose a ton of weight to gain it back. Because this was my life for 20 some years!

The 1st pic I'm in my 20's. Pretty sure I lost weight only to gain it back a few times. It was easier to lose weight so I always would just starve myself to lose it. The 2nd pic I'm in my 30's, I had my son and thought I could still eat the same way I did when I was in my 20's and had a harder time losing the weight. So I started working out. I had the mentality of working off whatever I ate. Sometimes I worked out 3 times a day. That lasted only so long. The 3rd pic was in 2017. I was 41 and done with being unhappy, unhealthy, and knew I had to change more than just my eating habits. 4th pic was this weekend. I've lost every bit of weight I gained and have kept it off successfully for almost 3 years. I am the healthiest, happiest, fittest, and strongest I've ever been. My self esteem is so much better, my confidence, my self worth, mental health and the way I live life. Some would say I'm aging backwards. When you put your health as a priority it shows!

It takes hard work, dedication and the desire to change. Of course it won't happen overnight. But it will happen when you choose to make better choices and decisions. When you make that a priority it won't be just solely about fat loss but becoming the best you that's already within you!

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