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Know that tomorrow has the same challenges as today. Yesterday. And last year.

You ever watch the movie Groundhog day? You keep waking up each morning and living the new day nearly exactly as the day before? Everything repeats itself. Well guess what, this will happen if you don't identify and overcome your biggest obstacles in losing weight. You will face the same problems, or challenges as you did before if you don't recognize & acknowledge your roadblocks to move past them. Here a some common ones I see as a nutrition coach & personal trainer.

If you rely on workouts to do it all while ignoring bad eating habits, you'll get the same results you always have. Same with pushing yourself too hard, too often! If you're not addressing your nutrition then you'll constantly be trying to lose the same weight over and over or feel constantly defeated physically. You can't out-train a bad diet. You'll either hit a fitness plateau or burnout. Remember diet is always going to be superior in weight loss, muscle growth, and maintaining your weight. Not the workout!

If you're just not that motivated anymore to lose weight, guess what motivation is a emotion. It's fleeting. It comes & goes. No one is motivated 100% all day everyday. If this is a constant struggle then find out why. Is it you're bored with your routine, is your reason WHY big enough, are you valuing yourself & ignoring the negative self-talk? Or are you leading an unhealthy lifestyle? If you're not getting enough sleep or your still not addressing your diet, then yes eventually it's going to lead to burnout & loss of motivation! A tired body can only do so much. A happy body will show up for anything and everything. It'll give you more when you're feeling less.

And the number 1 challenge I hear, I don't have time. Lack of time is one of the biggest barriers in losing weight or working out. But who does? First, let me give you a hug. Now for the tough love, I don't have time is just an excuse and an obstacle. By using this excuse you'll always justify not eating right or not exercising. It's a tough one to overcome unless you let go of it entirely. You have time. Find it. It's there.

Know that tomorrow has the same challenges as today. Yesterday. And last year.

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