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Life is not determined by the cards you were dealt

Our bodies come in all different shapes and sizes. We are destined from the time of conception how our bodies are going to look. How tall or short you are going to be, your hair color, eye color, even our metabolism, body-fat distribution, muscle growth or body composition.

As we age habits form (good and bad), from cultural to environment. Food habits, health habits, fitness habits, nutritional habits, behavioral and emotional patterns, and tendencies. All are forming as we become an adult. And as an adult how we manifest those habits and behaviors to support a healthy lifestyle is solely on us. That is a lot, right?

Because on one hand if your genetic make-up is totally amazing and you can eat anything you want and not gain a pound, that is awesome! But then those of us who’s genetic make-up is poo and we gain a pound looking at a doughnut, it sucks! Add in lack of movement or fitness, and you are right where 75% of overweight Americans are.

Regardless of what hand you’ve been dealt, you have to play your cards to the best of your ability! Because life is not determined by the cards you were dealt (or what body), but how you play your hand!!!! So, if you have been given a bad hand. Keep playing until you feel like you are a winner. Don’t give up because your hand is unfair or you don't like it. And don't complain about it either if you're doing nothing about it. It is what it is.

Winning your weight loss struggle has little to do with the cards you were dealt and more to do with how you play them! Yes, genetics can influence your body structure and how your body stores fat but THAT IS IT!

You are the sum of your choices, so make good choices and decisions. If you keep making a choice to not eat sensibly, that's a choice. Take responsibility for your choices and make a determined decision to try. Understand that a healthy lifestyle is not out of your control. Losing weight is possible regardless of genetics! You get one body in this lifetime, treat it that way.

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