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Quit trying to cheat the process and expect results

One of the biggest struggles I see from clients and friends is getting over unhealthy behaviors and beliefs on weight loss. The biggest culprits is cheating on your diet either consciously or subconsciously and still feeling like you should be losing weight.

For example, having a really successful week and thinking you did so good that you could take a tiny break. Reward yourself with a cheat meal or a few drinks.

Or not track what you ate for the weekend because you didn’t eat that much. Or intuitive eating without any level of awareness or education on nutrition. And one I see more times than not, working out to compensate what you ate.

Then when you see a stall in weight loss or not much progress week after week you wonder why? Why if I work out every day? Or why if I eat only healthy food or eat clean?

Another thing I see is underestimating your caloric intake or macros or just not tracking the little things. It might not seem relative at the time, but you are only cheating yourself by not calculating what you ate correctly. Cheating on your diet doesn’t hurt anyone but you. It hurts your progress and your goal, it’s not helping you move past and establish healthy thoughts, patterns or habits. So be honest, be patient, quit trying to cheat the process and expect results.

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