This is your reminder food is not the enemy

This is your reminder, that food is not your enemy. You’d never know it, though. Every time we turn around, we are bombarded with reminders of what we should and should not eat. Terms like “good” and “bad” are applied to everything we put in our mouths. Our relationship with food is shaped by a weird combination of guilt and desire. Fueling our bodies does not just mean shoving them full of food. Nor does it mean eating one macronutrient and shunning the others. Rather, it means eating a diet balanced in ways that are appropriate for your personal goals. Also good is not beating yourself up for taking time off. Periodic slack periods won’t make or break the plan. What matters is what we do MOST of the time. Read that again!

I try to teach my clients to stop feeling guilty for having a body that needs food to work at its optimal level. We’ve got to stop seeing food as the enemy. Let’s stop beating ourselves up and shaming others, consciously or unconsciously, about what and when and how much we eat. And let’s stop thinking that your body needs to feel hungry all the time to actually be losing weight. This is NOT a thing! Yes, you’re going to be hungry, but, no, you shouldn’t ALWAYS be hungry.

And last, you want to know how you earn food? You breathe. You live. You deserve calories just by virtue of the fact that you exist. Not for any other reason. Not for working off your food you eat, not for undereating and starving yourself so you can eat whatever on Thanksgiving, Christmas day or New Years. Quit thinking that restriction or deprivation are part of any healthy lifestyle or diet. Healthy, legitimate, permanent weight loss takes time. It’s not fast. Enjoy the Holidays, make memories and ditch the stress of worrying about what you should and shouldn’t eat.

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