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Transformation Tuesday


Everyone’s transformation is different. This is mine.

Two words that have such an emotional but physical impact.


I wish I could lose just 10 pounds. I wish I were stronger. I wish I could get that job. I wish I could run faster. I wish I had more time.

You don’t need to wish. Saying “I wish” indicates that you have no power. But you do. You have the power to change things you really want. Many people wish to change something, but they never try to pick up the clue or take the risk to change it. No successful person losing weight got to where they are by wishing.

You need to clear your wishing mind and stop saying I wish and start saying I WILL. Sometimes we need to struggle, or move outside our comfort zone and do what we really need to do to get what we want. If you want to be stronger, put in the work. If you want a certain job, it might take some extra overtime or extra work. You want to lose 10 pounds, stop quitting after trying for 2 weeks and give it time and be patient.

Take charge of your life and control the outcome you want. Smash the mean-spirited committee in your head telling you it’s not possible. It is! Believe in yourself enough to move forward with whatever you WISH for. Take one day at a time and aim for progress, not perfection and don’t give up! Are you ready to reach that goal you wish for? Let’s take that first step to make it happen!

Take one day at a time, one meal and one workout. And remember small changes lead to big benefits.

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