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Transformation Tuesday


Everyone's transformation is different. This is mine.

Many people have met me in all the sizes I have been in my life. Because believe me, I have been every size.

I had tried every diet there was. You name it, I did it. I thought there was and should be a quick fix to lose weight. But then I just realized, there is no quick fix. There was no magic pill or shake or that it wasn't going to happen in any 12 week program or 30 day transformation.


So believe me when I say, I understand how hard it is to believe someone say you can lose weight without some magical diet or pill. But you CAN and you don't need anything but determination, commitment, and a promise to yourself that you will keep going! Let's break the cycle and build a healthier self esteem and habits and start a nutrition plan that works for you. It's just starting and sticking to it. It's the hardest part, but the most rewarding! JUST START!

Don't let this be another Transformation Tuesday post. Let it be a reminder that maybe, just maybe, your determination outweighs your excuses or feeling lost. And that you too can script your own story!

I do remote nutrition coaching at a reasonable cost. I'm proactive about keeping you on track, where most other coaches and big businesses are re-active. Let's start your transformation today!

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