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Transformation Tuesday


Everyone's transformation is different. This is mine.

Walking. Weightlifting. Cardio. Running. Powerlifting. HIIT. Bodybuilding. Swimming. Biking. Pilates. Yoga. Hiking. Rowing.

All forms of exercise that get your body moving are great for your health and heart. All great in helping you lose weight in addition to good nutrition, gaining confidence and boosting your self esteem! I don't know why I waited till I was 40 to start exercising and enjoy it. Part of me was embarrassed. I didn't want to go to gym fat. Everyone would be staring and I had really low self esteem. So then we got an elliptical machine. I found excuses not to use it because I didn't find it fun. Then we got a treadmill and I used it a lot at first but got bored. And then I walked into a CrossFit gym. It sparked a flame inside me that has lead to other things I really enjoy (Powerlifting/ power building). But that flame burns brighter and has lead to my passion of helping others with their nutrition and fitness. But if I didn't try other things, I'd still be overweight and unmotivated. So please, don't give up. Try any sort of movement that sparks that flame! That you love. That you'll enjoy. Because if you have a treadmill and are finding excuses not to use it, there are other things! Go find them!

Break the cycle, manage your calorie intake and move! Then start and stick to it. It's the hardest part, but the most rewarding! JUST START!

Don't let this be another Transformation Tuesday post. Let it be a reminder that maybe, just maybe, your determination outweighs your excuses and feeling lost and that you too can script your own story!

I do remote nutrition coaching at a reasonable cost.

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