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Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday. Everyone's transformation is different, this is mine.

"I can't keep the weight off. It just comes back." Or, "I quit trying because it was too hard."

Lasting weight loss. Getting to a maintenance phase in weight loss without losing your results. What no one thinks about when losing weight. Plain and simple, they gained it back because they didn't make a lifestyle change that benefited them long-term. And they didn't learn anything to change their bad habits. We all are creatures of habit. Good or bad.

It's why I try and teach my clients about thinking long-term when it comes to weightloss and eating in a way so you can maintain this lifestyle change. Not making drastic changes, or eliminating food in the short term to get short term results. How frustrating to gain all the weight you lost back right? Believe me, I know!

It's honestly why all the diets I tried before, I failed. I thought short term. And as soon as I reached my weight loss goal I just went back to my old habits and ate the food I gave up when I was dieting. I didn't learn anything other than more bad habits.

So whatever diet method you choose, pick one that you can stick with long-term. And in the process of losing the weight, give yourself time to work on changing your bad habits. Because if you're not working on both, you won't keep the weight off long-term.

I do remote nutrition coaching at a reasonable cost. Don't keep saying you'll start tomorrow, start today!

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