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Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday. Everyone’s transformation is different, this is mine.

Being loved no matter what size or weight you are. It’s all we ask in life, right? To be loved. Loved for who you are as a person, and not the reflection in the mirror. But it’s hard to ask someone to truly love you, when you don’t love yourself. And let me tell you at my heaviest it was almost impossible to look at myself in the mirror and be happy with what I saw, let alone love myself.

But to do that, I had to understand that loving yourself does not mean that you have to love how you look, it means you have to love yourself as a person. Because if you can't love yourself and connect with who you are, how are you going to feel any connection or love with someone else? And loving yourself frees you from worrying about what others think or feeling like you're not worthy of being loved. Because I was, you are and anyone who's struggling right now with loving themselves.

After years of negative feelings and contaminating every part of my life from the time I put clothes on in the morning, I stopped.

And on day one and two, and weeks three and four even though I looked the same in the mirror physically, I was completely different as a person. Because I wanted better for myself and needed to be healthier for myself. So, day after day, I kept making choices and steps to lose weight and regain my health and self worth. And not only did I start loving the woman that looked back at me, but I value myself more. I successfully lost the weight and have kept it off. Which in turn reflects in all aspects of a person’s life. When you value yourself and truly love yourself inside and out, people see that. They feel it. It ripples and touches every part of your life. Improving and lightening the load of your heart so you can love and be loved!

Take one day at a time, one meal and one workout. Remember small changes lead to big benefits. If you don't know where to start I can help! All you have to do is start.

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