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Transformation Tuesday- "You were beautiful either way."

Transformation Tuesday. Everyone's transformation is different, this is mine. My Transformation is one of beauty inside and out.

Something I get often when I post before & after pictures is,

and although that is true and I know people who say this mean well, my health & wellness journey was never 100% about feeling or looking beautiful on the outside. I was unhealthy & had really bad habits that I had to change. And as I was sitting here thinking about all the things that I could not do when I was overweight and unhealthy, it almost brought tears to my eyes.

For example, walk for long periods of time without getting winded, my back hurting or my thighs rubbing together. My thighs would rub together so bad. I had several times where they did, and I got awful chafing. I see memes about thick thighs save lives but believe me when I say mine did not save mine. And I couldn’t cross my legs to save my life. So, sitting for long periods of time was so uncomfortable. You know what else was impossible? Jumping jacks, mountain climbers, sit ups, push-ups or pull-ups, burpees, run or jog. All were impossible because of my weight and health! And how about wearing an outfit without spanx or finding a bra that fit me comfortably & feeling good about myself. I NEVER felt good enough or pretty enough when I was overweight. My hubby would tell me how beautiful I was, but I never felt it.

So, although there are physical changes between these photos, the most important changes can’t even be seen. Because my beauty is now seen and felt in my confidence, my self-esteem, my self-worth, my mental health, my habits, my discipline, and my drive and ambition to help others achieve the same success I had.

And I’m so much happier, my overall way of thinking has changed in ways I never expected! I LOVE to workout. I LOVE to lift heavy weight! I LOVE to run! I LOVE seeing my body change and reflect the love I now show it inside & out. Honestly, the day I started feeling beautiful was the day I saw myself the way I wanted! And I tell my story to all of you because I believe in the thought process that one day what I overcame will help others.

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