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You are never going to reach your goals if you keep yourself anchored in your comfort zone.

The scariest place to be is the same place you were anchored a month ago, 6 months ago or a year ago.

Progress isn't possible without change. And change is only possible when you're willing to move outside your comfort zone. Comfort zones are amazing, they provide a safe place you are comfortable being at. However, they are also a place that's easy to become stagnant in. Growth is uncomfortable because you have never been there before and requires effort. But if you don't move outside your comfort zone you'll never know how far your can go or what you can do! And I know you can do so much if you try. You've just gotta be willing to give a little effort, with that effort it produces results. Our minds and bodies adapt to that effort. Just try. Start by picking a goal that pushes you outside your bubble and challenge s you. Don't backpaddle

when you hit a bump or feel uncomfortable. That's when you need to keep going!

Shying away from struggle is natural, but it's also a weakness. Struggle is what makes us grow, struggle is what makes us who we are. Without it we become complacent, we become soft, we become fragile and unmotivated. The good news is that it's a choice, so embrace the struggle and grow! Take risks and be honest with yourself when you are trying to make excuses!! Don't look back in a month and feel regret. Don't stay anchored in a place that no longer serves you spiritually, physically, emotionally or provides you a healthy body and mind! Your health only gets better when you work on it.

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